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LIFE Training Center LLC staff has been doing CPR/BLS certification training in Broward County since 2001. And now also offer ACLS certification. Our goal is to prepare students to respond in any situation. Mastering the fundamentals of basic resuscitation can prevent a tragedy. In the event of cardiac arrest, seconds can make a difference. Hoping an emergency responder arrives in time might not cut it. CPR is a widely applicable technique capable of being learned by anyone. It is especially important for those whose job it is to care for others.

CPR certified training includes:

● The Basics—CPR focuses on administering chest compressions to a person in cardiac arrest. While this may seem a simple task, there are important guidelines to follow. For example, the depth and rhythm of the compressions must be within a certain range to provide maximum efficacy. People are often surprised at how much strength is required to compress the chest 2 inches. Also, many teachers tell students to use the beat to the song “Stayin’ Alive” to provide the proper rhythm.

● The Purpose—The goal is to restore blood flow to the brain and heart. Brain damage can occur within minutes, and could be permanent. Once a semblance of a rhythm has been reached, the CPR provider can use a portable defibrillator to shock the heart into beating. Being ready to act quickly and decisively is part of the training. Hesitation costs the patient valuable time. Students will also learn different techniques for handling infants and elderly patients.

● The Classes—While the importance of our training never gets lost, we still try to provide a fun environment. Group training and blended training sessions are available. Each class fulfills the requisite standards, including the amount of time spent training on a CPR dummy. Overall, the process is quick and easy and will give you an invaluable skill set to carry with you in your work and personal life. While we hope you never have to use CPR, it is always good to know how!

We are confident our CPR training will prepare you for any emergency situation. Ask how to enroll today!

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